Exchange and Returns Policy

First: General conditions for return and exchange

  • The store bears all costs and fees for return or replacement in the event of a mismatch of product information or a manufacturing defect or defect.
  • In the event that the customer wishes to return or exchange without defects or defects and the product is identical, the customer will only bear the costs of returning shipping to the store address during the time period mentioned in the fifth item.
  • The customer must verify the specifications and details before completing the order, otherwise he must pay any costs resulting from the replacement and return of shipping and delivery expenses and others.
    In the event that the product information on the site does not match, or a different product is shipped, the customer has the right to replace it without any additional costs.
  • The customer has the right to exchange or return the product within 7 days from the date of receiving the order.
  • The product must not be used or the main packaging destroyed.
  • In the event that the customer uses the product and the product does not work or has a manufacturing defect, the store bears the costs of return or replacement in full if the customer proves this.

Second: Steps to return and exchange

  • Send the customer’s desire to return or exchange, attached with the order number, to the email [email protected] or call 00966135837552 during official working hours or communicate directly via WhatsApp
  • Waiting for the administration’s approval of the return or replacement process, and a response will be made within a maximum of 24 working hours.
  • The reason for the customer’s desire to exchange and return is ascertained, and then the return mechanism is determined according to the store’s replacement and return policy.
  • After the request is approved, the store will send the return bill of lading to the customer.
  • The customer will print the policy and then go to the nearest branch of the shipping company, such as SMSA or DHL.
  • The customer should put all the accessories or accessories of the product in his own envelope.
  • After receiving the product, inspecting it, and confirming the details of the return or exchange request, the store will transfer the amount to the customer’s bank account within a maximum period of 3 days from the date of receiving the returned product and 14 days when using credit cards and directly in the event of a return in the store branch.



How Can I Cancel my Order before Shipping?

Go to my account page and then choose from the side menu (Requests), after that the icon to cancel the order to be canceled is selected. The order must be canceled 3 hours before its completion.

When is the return or exchanging request rejected?

The return or replacement request will be rejected in the following cases:

  • Causing damage to the product.
  • An accessory or accessory for the product is damaged.
  • Using the product for a long time so that it becomes like a used product.
  • Not to put all the accessories and accessories of the product in the special envelope in it.
  • After the expiry of the period of time for the return and replacement policy, which is specified in 7 days from the date of receiving the order.
  • Causing damage/loss of the packaging, stickers or some attachments of the product such as the catalog or instruction sheet.

Is there a specific time to cancel orders before they are shipped?

Yes, the cancel order icon will disappear after 3 hours of completing the order.

When will the store bear the return or exchange fees?

The store bears the fees for return or replacement in the following cases:

  • If another product is sent by mistake
  • If the defect/damage in the product is due to a manufacturer defect.
  • If the information on the product page does not match the product shipped to the customer.
  • In the event that the order does not reach the customer’s address after more than 7 days from the date of the order within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the customer wishes to cancel the order and return it, here the store returns the basic shipping value for shipping. In the case of international shipments outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this item is not activated.

When does the customer bear the return and exchange fees?

The customer shall bear the return and replacement fees in the absence of one/a number of cases mentioned in the answer to the previous question related to when the store shall bear the return/exchange fees.

Can the customer return or exchange at the store premises?

Yes, definitely.

What is the cost of return or replacement if the conditions apply to the customer?

If the customer is inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the shipping cost will be equivalent to the initial shipping value.
For example, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shipping is currently worth 32 riyals to all regions, including VAT, so the cost of return / replacement will be the same value, which is 32 riyals.

Customers outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The cost of shipping is calculated after raising the order to the store, because there are many variables that we cannot list here that affect the cost.

Is the return or replacement period calculated from the date of purchase or from the date of receiving the order?

The 7-day period for return / exchange is calculated after receiving the order, whether at the store’s headquarters or through a representative / shipping company, regardless of the date of purchase, but provided that the customer receives his order if it arrives at the shipping company’s branch or with the representative within a period of two days.

Does the representative of the shipping company receive the returned or exchanged order from my address?

The representative does not receive the requests to be returned/exchanged from the customer’s address, but the customer should go to the nearest branch of the shipping company from his address.

I have other questions regarding the return and exchange request, can I communicate with the store in a direct and easy way without long procedures?

Yes, of course, please contact us directly via WhatsApp, which is found in our contact information