Terms and Conditions


I electrony is one of the branches of Hidden Solution Trading Company officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with commercial register number 2251069581. :


  • All products on site are new and unused and shipped in the same condition as received from the manufacturer or supplier.
  • All technical information is on the product page and the customer has the right to request additional information prior to the purchase and not knowing the necessary details makes him fully responsible for any misunderstanding.
  • The store must not add false images of the product or images processed in a way that makes them different from what they actually look.
  • The colors of the products depend on the accuracy and settings of the display used in the display and any difference from the client side is considered outside the powers of the store is not entitled to object to it.

Shipping & Delivery:

  • Shipping and delivery service is provided by the best companies in the region.
  • The store makes sure that products and orders are packaged in a way that does not make them easily perishable.
  • The store guarantees that the customer receives the products in a good and undamaged manner, even if the mistake is from the shipping company.
  • All shipments from the store are tracked until they reach the customer.
  • The shipping period is within 3 days and a maximum of 7 days from the date of purchase in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Exchange and Returns:

– Exchange and Returns Terms:

  • Do not use the product or destroy the main packaging.
  • In the event that the product information on the site does not match or a different product is shipped, the customer has the right to exchange without any additional costs.
  • The customer must verify the specifications and details before completing the order, otherwise he must pay any costs resulting from replacement and return, including shipping, delivery and other costs.
  • The customer can retrieve the order within 7 days from the date of purchase and before receiving, and then the customer shall bear the costs of return shipping incurred on that.
  • The customer has the right to exchange or return the product within 7 days of receiving the order
  • The store bears all costs and fees for return or exchange in the event that the product information does not match or there is a defect or a factory defect
  • In the event that the customer desires to return or exchange without defects or defects and the product is identical, then the customer bears only the costs of shipping the return to the store address.

– Steps of Exchanging and returns:

  • Sending the customer’s desire to return or exchange with the request number attached to the email [email protected] or call 00966135837552 during working hours.
  • Awaiting the approval of the administration on the return process, and a response will be made within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • The reason for the customer’s desire for exchange and return is ascertained, and then the return mechanism is determined according to the store’s return and exchange policy.
  • Upon receipt of the product and its retrieval and confirmation of its condition, the value of the product will be transferred to the customer’s bank account within 3 working days from the date of retrieval, and within 14 days in the event that payment is used via his credit cards after confirming his personal information.


  • The warranty details are clarified on the product page itself, and in the event that no details are mentioned about the warranty, this is considered automatically that the product has no guarantee, and the customer has the right to confirm this also during communication with the store by various means of communication before purchasing.

General provisions for warranty

The maximum repair time is (14) days for the defects covered by the warranty

The warranty covers free repair or replacement service for spare parts in the event of a manufacturing defect, and the warranty does not mean replacing the product or returning its value.Misuse of the product or failure to comply with the instructions for use in the product manual or the instructions referred to in the Internet and digital pages when activating the device.
Fractures, strikes, cuts, or exposure of the product to external factors such as liquids, moisture or high temperature.
Attempts to repair or maintenance operations by unauthorized parties, or the use of spare parts that are not approved by the Standards and Metrology Authority.
Wipe operating system files, hard disk partitions, or virus crashes.
After the first week of the customer’s receipt of the product, and in the event of any defect included in the warranty, the customer shall bear the value of shipping the product to the address of the store or bringing the product himself to the address of the store, and the store does not bear any fees that result from that.
The customer must provide the order number, the original invoice, or the mobile number that was used in the request to accept the warranty coverage request, noting that the customer can obtain his invoice at any time in the requests section of the My Account page.
The methods of communication available on the website are approved, whether via email, phone call, or WhatsApp to raise the request for warranty coverage, and it will be through that directive to do the required.
The specified warranty period is mentioned on the same page of the warranty product

By submitting a request, the Customer accepts the Terms and Conditions without exception. I electrony reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions at any time and to be republished and activated once published.

Privacy Policy

I electrony is committed to the utmost protection of your personal data. By accepting the privacy policy of i electrony customers, you allow us to collect, use and disclose your personal information only in accordance with our privacy policy and to a very limited extent. Please be aware that your personal data will never be sold, used or displayed to anyone with or without payment.

How i electrony obtains Customer Personal Information When opening a new account on the website, we request a set of personal data for the customer, which must be completed correctly to complete the registration process on the site and to ensure that there is no false or misleading information.
Personal Information We Collect:
– Your name, address, email, phone number, and other basic information.
– Financial information such as: bank account details in certain transactions (at bank transfer option)
You can start buying and publishing your projects and innovations on the i-electrony site, which is strictly protected against fraud and abuse by:
– Collection of usage and access data that allows us to prevent the opening of multiple accounts or fraudulent behaviors or to protect our systems against unlawful attacks.
– We may share this data with specialized and trustworthy fraud management services that help us analyze this data.
– We use cookies; small text files stored on the client’s computer for record-keeping purposes. The information collected and stored through cookies may be against the personal data we hold on our systems.

We obtain such personal and confidential information through the following sources:

– Information you provide to us on the website, through forms, written forms and other forms of entry
data .
– Information entered on the site, by storing your personal information without completing or submitting a form.
– Information from third parties entered indirectly to validate the user and to prevent any fraud or fraud.
– Information from third parties that you endorse and agree to provide to us.
– Information on sales and purchases and account history.

Affiliate Progranm with ielectrony

Introduction to the program: It is a service that enables you to share products and programs available on ielectrony online with your audience by creating a link or several links that are dedicated to the marketer with a specific code so that specific profits are calculated on each purchase made through these links.

Mechanism for creating links: After completing and approving your registration in the affiliate marketing program, a special account will be created for each marketer that contains a control panel (DASHBOARD) containing all the information and procedures for the marketer.

Who is eligible for the program: All people, whether bloggers, publishers, content creators, social media influencers, and others who are at least 18 years old, can register for the affiliate marketing program at Ana Online.

The mechanism of profit from the affiliate marketing program with ielectrony Online: You earn through eligible purchases that you lead to Ana Online using the links you created previously on your dashboard page.

Requirements and conditions to register for this program:

Fill out the initial registration form from here
To be 18 years of age or older.
All information provided is correct.
Program subscription fees: There are no fees for the service. Subscribing to the affiliate marketing program with ielectrony is free and will remain free forever as long as the service is available on the store.

The time period for accepting the application for registration in the program:

The time required to accept the application to join the affiliate marketing program is usually within 1-5 working days, and this time period may change on holidays and public holidays.

You can find more frequently asked questions and information about this service by visiting the service link here

Other terms and conditions related to the affiliate marketing service with ielectrony online:

You may not use marketing links through false or misleading messages.
Promoting ielectrony online and using marketing links in any sexual, violent, defamatory, slanderous, or illegal activities is prohibited. In the event this matter is discovered, ielectrony Online Store has the right to sue the subscriber who does this matter in accordance with the laws stipulated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
All transfers of commission marketers that contradict the terms and conditions of ielectrony Online will be rejected, and it may amount to exclusion and a complete ban from working with Ana Online.
The ielectrony Online Store has the right to update all information related to the affiliate marketing service without referring to any of the affiliate marketers.
Your submission of the application does not automatically mean approval of the registration, as your application is reviewed by the site administration, and then approval and rejection are made.

All terms of the privacy and confidentiality agreement on the site apply to this service and are an integral part of it.

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